Jihad - Synopsis

The most dangerous madmen are those created by religion, and people whose aim is to disrupt the society always know how to make good use of them on occasion. With various outfits of terrorism spreading its tentacles across the world this three centuries old quote of Denis Diderot seems to be apt and as contemporary as it can be. With vulnerable youths falling for the stories of getting an opportunity to work for Allah and empowered with thoughts that your hands will kill the innocent but Allah will forgive all has given these youths the notion that all is fair on the course of Jihad! In the history of mankind, fanaticism has caused more harm than any vice.

Despite a space of several years the wounds inflicted by the Indian army in Kashmir were still fresh in Altaaf's mind when he joined the terrorist outfit with the pious thoughts of wiping away the enemies of Islam. Little did he know that he had in turn, gullibly fallen into the trap of people with vested interest and crooked ideas.

During one of his assignments Altaaf meets Bhavna, widow of a doctor they had once killed on the suspicion of being an informer of the army. Holed out at Bhavna's house, Altaaf undergoes a metamorphosis as he witnesses Bhavna's plight and helplessness. History however, is replete with the stories of Jihadis or the soldiers of the Holy War, who at some point during their fight for religion realize that they have taken an erroneous decision. Realize that bullets can win wars but not hearts and in the bargain comprehend that they are treading on a path of no return.

Jihad is the journey of the militant Altaaf and his realization of the futility of his holy war as he stumbles upon a few truths. That unfortunately Jihad is generally misunderstood to be true Islam! Whereas Islam stands for humanity. Islam prevails amidst brotherhood of people. And Altaaf also learns the supreme truth! That the true meaning of Jihad is not the holy war outside but the war within! Jihad is nothing but overpowering your inner devil!

Firearms can give death, not life! Impart life if you can..!!! He realizes.


Hyder Kazmi

As Altaf


As Bhavna

Vishal Tiwari

As Capt. Ansari

Bhavani Bashir Yasir

As Shivkumar Tickko

Muzzamil Bhavani

As Tickoo


As Major Shishupal

Ahmer Haider

As Pakistani Army officer

Farooq Ahmed

As Sattar Bhai

Dev Singh

As Imran Ali

Rajeev Sharma

As Pandey

Aman Sagar

As Suresh

Shujat Shafqat

As Gulfaam

Imtiyaz Ansari

As Munvvar

Danny Shehrawat

As Latif

Iftkhar Dhar

As Barkatulla


Hyder Kazmi


Rakesh Parmaar


Hyder Kazmi

Story Idea

Sanjay Joshi

Screenplay & Dialogues

Surabhi Pandey

Screenplay & Dialogues

Rakesh Parmaar

Screenplay & Dialogues

Bhavini Bashir Yasir

Script Consultant

Ram Yadav


Govind Dubey


Imran Khan

Art Director

Aman Shlok

Music Director

Jai P Mishra

DI Colorist

Junnaiya Saxena

Costume Designer

Shinjan Parmar

Background Score

Pratush Mishra

Post Supervision

Smita Pandey

Post Supervision

SN Production

Post production


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